One reason Grandma’s Toy Box is such a fun place to visit is the many novelty toys that you can try out!

Can you balance an eagle on your finger?

Can you boil liquid with your hand?

Want to look through an amazing kaleidoscope?

Do you remember how to play with Jacks, Marbles, Cat’s Cradle, Gyroscope, 15 Puzzle, Slinky, Potato Gun, Drinking Bird, Newton’s Cradle, Magnetic Gyro Wheel, and Duncan Yoyo?

To complement these classic novelty toys, we’ve added many new amazing novelties, such as the Dog Popper, Log Pillows, Magic Wands, Spy Glasses, and Sophisticated Wind-up toys.

One of our newest and most popular novelty items is “Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty”. Various kinds of putty are available, and all truly improve children’s ability to concentrate!
Our motto is “Have Some Fun!” Stop in to see why!

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